• Mittul Desai

31 thoughts as I turn 31

  1. Learning new things is nowhere as exciting as it used to be a few years ago. Consistent effort is required to excel.

  2. I’ve realised that nothing beats being healthy. Mental and Physical well-being are both under continuous attack in today’s day and age. Mindfulness is key to being able to maintain health.

  3. Forming habits are about taking baby steps and not about drastic changes. One step at a time is all now needs to remember to succeed.

  4. It’s important to process feelings. It’s okay to not be okay with everything. It’s imperative to break down once in a while to shed off the ghosts of the past.

  5. Having someone who loves you unconditionally is immensely motivating.

  6. Traveling is important because it breaks the monotony of life and opens new ways of looking at the same things.

  7. Addictions are very difficult to beat because most addictions stem from unrelated issues. Understanding yourself better helps understand your addictions better.

  8. Not all months are the same. You will perform 10x of your potential in some months and 10% in others. Allow yourself to fail.

  9. Plans are great. Thinking forward is great. But continuous course correction is even more important.

  10. All the time you allow yourself to do nothing is rebuilding you. Like muscles develop on your day-off, so does your mind.

  11. Not everyone will agree with your solutions. Aligning intentions is important.

  12. You can’t force alignment. You only achieve it through being honest and vulnerable.

  13. Most things in life aren’t a zero-sum game. There’s more of everything on offer. Focus on health doesn’t have to come at a loss of fun or work time.

  14. Most things take up only as much time as you give it. You can pick up that big project you’re dreading and finish it in a week.

  15. The best way to beat anxiety is to get started. Completing the first 10% of the work destroys 90% of your anxiety.

  16. Procrastination has multiple reasons. Identifying your reasons and solving them is easy.

  17. Sincerity is almost impossible to fake in the long term.

  18. Discipline is perhaps the most undervalued trait in a person.

  19. Stoicism doesn’t mean bottling up your feelings. You can stay calm and still emote your mind.

  20. Not everything should be fixed. Pick your battles wisely.

  21. Writing is meditation. Disciplined writing is magic.

  22. Apologise generously, sincerely, and frequently. Humility goes a long way, arrogance does not.

  23. It’s easy to punch down but really difficult to lift people up.

  24. Anger and Hype are vices that you must avoid at all costs.

  25. Most of us are tired and carrying on. Resting and resetting your mind every day is underrated.

  26. Most problems have solutions that come to you when you let them exist along with you.

  27. You will lose touch with a lot of people and cross paths with them after years. Make sure they remember you as a kind person.

  28. Intentions matter. But results matter more. Aligning intentions with discipline usually yields results.

  29. Expose yourself to criticism if you want to grow but maintain your conscience while you are at it. Do things that make you happy. Don’t do things to please people.

  30. Everyone is doing their best. Believing in the people around you might seem risky. But not trusting them is far riskier.

  31. Everyone fights their own battles. Being kind is the least you can do.

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